The AMMIS Group

Established in 2005, AMMIS is a British company with its operating headquarters in Mexico City. The AMMIS Group serves it clients through its offices in Mexico City, a network of representatives throughout Mexico, and offices in Texas and New York. AMMIS serves its international clients with the requisite insurance coverage and bonds for their operations within Mexico using both its international and local experience to help them navigate the often byzantine Mexican regulations.

AMMIS has become a trusted advisor to many extremely large multinationals and was appointed consultant on the Mexican Market to Lloyd's of London in 2009. With in house attorneys and certified translators AMMIS offers unparalleled service and risk solutions for international ventures into the Mexican market.

AMMIS' ability to tailor an industry and market specific program to your needs by melding the Mexican requirements with your current insurance coverage is unsurpassed. An approach that provides the best solution to meet local legal and contract requirements in the most cost effective manner. AMMIS also ensures that all required documents are delivered to the appropriate governmental office in Mexico for you, leaving you to focus on the project at hand. In short, AMMIS takes pride in doing as much as possible to be a reliable and trusted advisor for your projects in Mexico.

AMMIS is recognized as being an insurance market leader providing innovative solutions for large projects in Mexico and has advised on projects for, among others, the Mexican Government, the Mexican Navy and major international energy, construction and maritime companies. Within the insurance industry, clients also include Mexican and international insurance companies, P&I clubs, reinsurance brokers and brokers (agents); providing insurance solutions to them and their clients.

AMMIS' group of companies and strategic partners provide access to and a comprehensive understanding of local and international, insurance, bond and reinsurance markets.

Foreign companies operating in Mexico regularly experience a minefield of insurance rules, laws and regulations; AMMIS fully understands them and provides tailored solutions. State owned companies, including PEMEX and CFE, have stringent Insurance and Bond requirements within their tenders and contracts; AMMIS understands and ensures compliance with these issues.